Holiday Programs

Science Alive’s holiday programs are exciting and lots of fun for children of all ages (and parents). Tried and tested over 20 years, our range of shows are easy to organise, inexpensive and guaranteed to be a hit at vacation care, libraries or festivals.

Show name Content Appropriate age
4-8 years all ages 8-12 years
High Energy Discover many of the amazing secrets of electricity, heat and explosive energy. Yes Yes
Boundless Energy Fabulous games with light, wind, magnetism, chemicals, rockets and more. Yes Yes
Fun with Forces Pushing, pulling, spinning pumping and jumping.  Can you battle the forces of nature? Yes Yes Yes
Very Strange Stuff Explore the materials that make up our world. Adventures with liquids, solids, gases, bouncy bubbles and slippery slime. Yes Yes Yes
Weird water Welcome to the wacky, wet and wonderful world of water.  There’s nothing like it… It really is nature’s magician. Yes Yes Yes
Sensing our World Unlock the astonishing mysteries of our five senses.  Seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting are much more than they seem. Yes Yes
Sounding Off The science of sound.  Shake it, wack it, blow it, pluck it and send vibrations out to the world. Yes Yes


Perth Metropolitan Area: $250 + GST
Country Western Australia*: $300 + GST


45 minutes per show.

Group Size

Up to 80 people per show.

What they said

“Mick Doyle kept us all entertained and enthralled even with audiences of 100+, per show. Both groups were quick to volunteer and assist with the various creative demonstrations. Science Is certainly NOT BORING with Mick Doyle around. Riverton Library will definitely be up for a return visit.“

Marg Robinson Children’s Services Riverton Library

“Please come out and visit us again the children loved all the experiments and would definitely like to see more.”

Sacred Heart OSC

“Hi there we had you come to our out of school hours care last holidays and the children really enjoyed it so we are hoping you are able to come and entertain us again this January. “

Kenwick OSC

*over 50km from Perth

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  • Science Alive is very popular because it is:

    • easy to organise
    • professionally presented
    • inexpensive
    • interactive
    • lots of fun for all
  • Discovering electricity Just one of our explosions The penny drops These programs are fun Fire plus balloon equals...?