Kindergarten to Year 3 Programs

- science is a happening thing

All Kindergarten to Year 3 shows have a duration of 40 minutes.

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PUSH, PULL & MOVE Physical Sciences Fun with Forces What makes things move and change? Does shape or weight effect movement? Explore the pushes and pulls in our lives including air, gravity and toys. Feel the strength of water.
NATURE’S ENERGY Forces, energy and change Sources of energy, food, human energy, the sun, heat, wind, electricity, magnetism, energy transfer, rockets and blasting off.
LIGHT & SOUND Sensing our world Light and sound bring us vital information about our world. We need light to see and sound to hear and communicate.
THE SENSES Biological Sciences Exploring our world  Nearly all living things need air, food and water. They also need their senses to survive in their environment.
LIFE & LIVING Animals, plants and change An overview of Junior Biological Sciences. We’ll look at the importance of water, air and food, living things, their features, adaptations and camouflage.
WATER Earth and Space Sciences Nature’s magic resource You’ll be amazed by the incredible nature of water. It can be used in so many ways and has lots of fun properties to discover….flowing, climbing, evaporating, clouds, sticking and BIG bubbles.
EARTH & WEATHER Our place in space The weather has a huge impact on our daily lives. Come and investigate weather words, forecasts and…. what to wear?
MATERIAL MYSTERIES Chemical Sciences Objects and their properties An excellent introduction to junior Chemical Sciences.
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  • Discovering electricity Just one of our explosions The penny drops These programs are fun Fire plus balloon equals...?