Year 4 to Year 7 Programs

- simple, repeatable experiments

All Year 4 to Year 7 shows have a duration of 50 minutes.

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ENERGY & CHANGE Physical Sciences Nothing stays the same An exciting senior Physical Sciences overview. Energy basics, sun, food, light, heat, sound, electricity, magnetism, gravity, mechanical, movement and stored energy and forces.
ELECTRICITY & ENERGY A sustainable future Energy use and electricity are crucial in our daily lives. Imagine life without mobile phones, computers, ATMs and air conditioners.
FORCES Stop, start or stay Why do things roll, fall, bounce, slide, balance, spin or fly?
IN THE DARK? Light and living We’ll have a close look at light’s energy, making light, laser light, how light bounces (reflects), mirrors, how it bends (refracts), how it makes colour (absorbs) and shadows.
EARTH & BEYOND Earth and Space Sciences Our blue planet An overview of senior Earth and Space Sciences. Our earth’s landscape is ever changing.
MIND OVER MATTER Chemical Sciences Objects, properties and uses Explore a variety of materials, their properties (including strength, hardness, absorbency, weight, buoyancy) and their uses.
WATER Properties, uses and sustainability  Water is crucial to life on earth. Explore the incredible properties of water and its uses. Find out how it is slippery and sticky at the same time, how it makes bubbles, powers rockets and keeps our earth cool.
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  • Discovering electricity Just one of our explosions The penny drops These programs are fun Fire plus balloon equals...?