What They Said

“With the entertainment value of a stage production and great educational value, Science Alive is fantastic for motivating and encouraging students and teaches alike. Four months later children are still talking about ‘the Science Show’ “

Mt. Helena Primary School

“It was a fantastic show and definitely value for money. The children and the teachers learned lots and had heaps of fun. Mick was outstanding. Thanks!”

Brighton Catholic Primary

“Fantastic! We are looking at doing all the topics covered by Science Alive.”

Beaumaris Primary School

“Thank you Linda for the organizing and answering my many questions. Thank you Mick – the shows were amazing with both the students and the teachers entranced!!”

Atwell Primary School

“Great show. The kids really enjoyed it and were hooked. Thanks. We will be booking for next year.”

Two Rocks Primary School

“Great presentation, very enthusiastic. The children were very engaged and learnt lots about Science. Well done.”

Majella Catholic Primary School

“Thank you, a wonderful show ñ you covered so much in such a short amount of time! The students were very engaged.”
- Harvey Primary School

“The students thoroughly enjoyed the show and the teachers were very positive. Very good value for money as cost is always a factor.”
- Walliston Primary School

“The students responded well to your performance and thoroughly enjoyed participating in the hands-on activities. Your hard work in presenting two dynamic shows were much appreciated by
the staff and students. Thank you Mick.”
- Yokine Primary School

“Excellent show, with very understandable concepts.”
- Maylands Peninsula Primary School

“Terrific show Mick! The kids were thoroughly entertained the whole time. And of course we know that this is when they learn the best!”
- Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School

Our Senses
“The students were totally engaged throughout the show. Mick has a lovely manner with the children, they respond well to him. Loved it, thank you.”
- Westminster Junior Primary School PrePrimary to Yr 3

Nature’s Energy
“We appreciated the simple yet creative experiments and your control of students. It was great! You really got the message across to the kids.”
- Dale Christian School Year 1&2

Junior Sound
“The show was full of energy and information. The presenter was excellent at involving the children.”
- Armadale Primary School PrePrimary & Year 1

Water – nature’s magician
“A great show, once again. Our ‘thinking’ students were left asking many questions about the Swan River and are eager to find the answers.”
- Carine Primary School PrePrimary

Air and weather
“A thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining and educational show. Simple and well aimed at the age range”
- Byford Primary School PrePrimary to Year 3

Energy and Change
“Very entertaining and educational. You held the students attention for the entire hour. Great experiments!”
- St. Michael’s School Year 4-6

“The students really loved the show and were engaged throughout It really involved them in learning
about science. Well done! They loved the fireworks at the end.”
- Newborough Primary School Year 4-7

“A fantastic incursion by a dynamic and entertaining presenter. The students and staff were enthralled.”
- Falcon Primary School

“It was terrific. The kids were very excited and entertained, even the Year 8 to 10s. Mick was a pleasure to watch as he is so enthusiastic about his job. Thanks for travelling all this way.”
- Mukinbudin District High

“Loved the clear explanations. It made the concepts seem simple to the kids, which is just how we want them to feel about science. The Worksheets are great. Thanks Mick and Linda. We love your work!”
- Nedlands Primary School

“Everyone – teachers and students alike – raved about the shows. Very impressed with the way Mick related to young and old alike.”
- Charthouse Primary

“Thanks Mick – as usual the show was most educational and thoroughly entertaining. A great motivator as we begin our unit on Energy.”
- Scotch College

“Educational and fun. The kids loved it!”
- Australian Islamic College – Dianella

“All comments by teachers and children attending were very positive. The price was great, as some incursions are getting too expensive.”
- North Morley Primary School

“This is the third time we’ve used Science Alive and we have always enjoyed it. Mick has an amazing way of presenting a lesson. It was interesting, educational, yet entertaining. Great group control! Thank you. We are totally impressed.”
- Treetops Montessori

“Great part of 2005 Science Week. Inspired and motivated lots of students to get into science.”
- St Marks ACS

“The children were really absorbed, “energised and motivated. Fast moving, lots of information and action. Science is alive!!”
- Belmay PS

“The children enjoyed the show and were able to recall lots of ideas. It gave us direction for our energy learning and we found the worksheet ideas helpful for us to design our own.”
- St Kieran CPS

“The fact that Science Alive is directly related to the Student Outcome Statements makes the program an invaluable resource. We found it dynamic and enjoyed the interaction. See you next year.”
- Riverlands School

“The students loved all the shows – they were well suited to age groups & held everyone’s attention.”
- Mosman Park PS

“Thank you. Once again – a great show”
- Scotch College

“We absolutely loved the show – the kids were talking about it for days afterwards. It got them very excited about science.”
- Midland Christian School

“Absolutely fantastic – great especially because teachers can do some of the experiments themselves with everyday items.”
- Subiaco Primary School

“Mick has a great rapport with the children and gets the information over to them in an entertaining and informative way. Great show.”
- Treetops Montessori School

“All year levels reported very positive responses from the children. Thank you for your enthusiasm for science and the obvious enjoyment which you bring to each session. Every child was interested and excited in their 40 or 50 minutes of full-on learning.”
- Woodlands Primary School

” Great audience participation
Fast paced
Simple clear demonstrations
Very age appropriate”
- Maylands Peninsula Primary School

“Amazing! Fantastic! Wonderful!!!”
- St. Thomas’ Primary School

“Control of the students was great. The science was phenomenal – very well explained. I loved how visual it was!!”
- Fairview Primary School – Collie

“Fantastic show, the children loved it and haven’t stopped talking about it. Very age appropriate and well managed for all behaviours. Thank you again.”
- St. Andrewís Grammar

“Great hands-on experiments, the children were thoroughly captivated and intrigued. Activities, for the teachers to follow up with, are great. A great show. Thank you.”
- South Lake Primary School

“The students love the interaction with the presenter.”
- Langford Islamic College

“All the students, from PP to Yr 7, loved the shows. The shows were spot on for age level and content. Everyone was so enthusiastic, even the teachers!!”
- Mosman Park Primary School

“Great show even though it was a new presentation. The students thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a great deal.”
- Padbury Primary School ñ Year 5 to

“Great show ‘my kids’ were very involved and interested. The comments from the children in my class show that they have learnt a lot about energy and this has been an “exciting” visit for them.”
- Koondoola Primary School

“Wonderful! Informative and relevant”
- Success Primary School Year 4 to Year 7

“An excellent show, good set up and great presenter. Entertaining and well thought out. Thank you!”
- Yidarra Catholic Primary School – Year 2

“It was a fantastic show and great feedback from the children and staff has been received”
- Herne Hill Primary School – Kindy to Year 3

“Air and weather has been the best show we have seen. The students were captivated and the content was at their level”
- Langford Islamic College – Year 1

“Great show, kids were riveted. Pollution and Water cycle were excellent”
- East Hamersley Primary School – Kindy to Year 3

“Mick does a wonderful job and the students really enjoy it. Thanks!”
- Maranantha Christian College – Year 2

“The content of the material was age appropriate, interesting and engaged the students. The students enjoyed the interactive aspects of the show and the questions asked encouraged the students to think about the concepts being delivered. Mick was entertaining and interacted extremely well with the students.”
- Clifton Hills Primary School – Year 4 to Year 7

“Another fantastic science incursion Mick, both “Exciting and Informative”. The show moves at a perfect pace and keeps all students enthralled. Great stuff!”
- St. John’s School – Year 3 to Year 5

“It’s the 3rd time I’ve seen Mick Doyle in action and it is ALWAYS stimulating, motivating and a great lead into class discussions or unit of study”
- Bullsbrook District High School – Year 4 and Year 5

“Really enjoyable, children were entertained and attention was kept throughout. Great show.”
-Yokine Primary School – Year 4 and Year 5

“The presenter was “excellent”. He involved the children throughout the show and kept them concentrating on his “message”. He used humour and a variety of other techniques to demonstrate the properties of water, the need to keep our rivers clean and was very successful in getting his message across.”
- Victoria Park Primary School – Year 4 to Year 7

“Your approach to sound was so vibrant and enthusiastic – the children loved it. Thank you so much.”
- Xavier Catholic School – Year 4 to Year 7

“Can we bottle Mr. Doyle’s energy.”
- Atwell Primary School

“Great show. The kids really enjoyed it and were hooked. Thanks. We will be booking for next year.”
- Two Rocks Primary School

“It was great and all the children were in volved. We appreciated your insight into the children’s behaviour . Great work. We’ll see you again next year!”
- Dale Christian School

“Well done and thoroughly entertaining & stimulating for the kids (& teachers).”
- Beechboro Christian School

“Great show, the kids were entranced. ”
- Our Lady of Mercy PS

“”It was great – the kids loved it. Thanks”
-Mater Christi Catholic PS

“Fantastic as usual. Thanks Mick.”
- ‘Scotch College Jnr

“Fantastic – Thanks Mr Doyle – we thoroughly enjoyed your informative show.”
- Tranby College

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  • Science Alive is very popular because it is:

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    • interactive
    • lots of fun for all
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